Hotels Where You Can Have Sex With Robots

The adult industry is developing rapidly, and humans are constantly coming up with new ways to deliver and intensify sexual pleasure. Porn studio VR Bangers is now testing its headset project at Las Vegas hotels, where guests will soon be able to enjoy sex with virtual characters in the privacy of their rooms. On the other side of the Atlantic, holiday resorts are considering adding sex robots to their room service packages. Here is how it might work.

The Concept

X-rated robot holiday resorts once sounded like the stuff of science fiction novels, but they are becoming real. Wealthy males are expected to jet to such special brothels for android sex very soon. The technology has the potential to take the world by the storm. Predictably, the red-light district of Amsterdam could become the first city to feature a sex robot resort. According to experts, the technology may later spread to other countries like Thailand, Mexico, and the Philippines.

The Robots

An example of sex cyborgs that look like real women is called Harmony, and it currently sells at around £4,000. This is more than a doll for sex. According to its developer Matt McMullen, Harmony is “prone to falling in love with you” and will “say things you don’t expect”.

There are almost two dozen pre-programmed personality traits, so you may make her shy, intellectual, or kind, in addition to the sexual setting. With the intellectual mode on, the doll will show her wit and recite poetry. She can memorize her owner’s favorite dishes, as well as film and music preferences.

The Appeal

The Harmoney AI bot was manufactured by Realbotix, a California-based producer. Its main features include:

  • silicone skin and lifelike appearance;
  • realistic genitalia;
  • control from an app;
  • customizable features, from nipple color to labia to personality traits.

There are other sex dolls competing with Harmony. Such hi-tech sex dolls have special built-in heaters and sensors to ensure humanlike experience.

According to an Australian sex expert Michelle Mars, android brothels will provide ‘novelty value’. Sex tourism transports humans “from the ordinary and mundane into a new environment, the unknown, where anything is possible”. After traveling, people return to their ordinary lives, but they are forever changed by the experience.

If the pilot project in Amsterdam is successful, sex dolls may change brothels for good, and more facilities of this kind will spring up around the world.

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