How Will We Have Sex In The Future

The rapid pace of technological advancement is changing the way we perceive the world in general and human relationships in particular. Today, sex toys are easily synced up to the movements in porn videos, and adult content is viewed using VR headsets. We have full-body sex suits for masturbation, and there are incredibly lifelike sex dolls that cost a fortune. What does the future hold for human sex? Here are eight main potential trends suggested in The Wall Street Journal article by expert Dr. Laura Berman.

  1. The popularity of sex robots

Sex with robots will be the one-night stands of the future. Machines will be able to cuddle and do things you were afraid to ask from a human partner.

  1. Sex over the distance

New devices have the potential to eliminate the need for physical presence. You will not have to be in the same room anymore to have sex, which will please germaphobes and antisocial people.

  1. Fewer STDs

This will be a direct consequence of having sex remotely. No need for condoms!

  1. More powerful sensations

As Berman writes, “our understanding of the neurobiology of sex will lead to a new ability to stimulate the brain directly to simulate mind-blowing sex regardless of physical contact. This will not only have endless recreational implications but will significantly improve the sex lives of people with disabilities, as well.”

  1. VR boyfriends

What already exists as the Invisible boyfriend service (it sends you loving texts) will be taken to a whole new level.  

  1. Treatment for women with sexual dysfunction

Today in the USA, while there are 20 medications approved for males, there are none available for females, which has to change.

  1. Long-distance relationships will be the norm

Gadgets facilitating remote sexual contact will make it possible for meaningful long-term relationships to last for years, even when there are thousands of miles between the partners.

  1. Changed perception of gender and sexual orientation

Mankind will finally embrace the infinity of ways to express love and sexuality, and old-school definitions will finally become history.

Most importantly, the genuine human connection will retain its importance. Regardless of the new ways to experience sexual pleasure without an actual partner, robots cannot fully replace true love and soul-to-soul interaction. However technologically advanced we become, people will still long for real intimacy and spiritual closeness, something that only human interaction can give.

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